First blog post

I made this blog almost three months ago and only now am I writing this first post. I wish I could say it was a simple as just being lazy or too busy, but if I am being truly honest (as I am going to attempt to be on here), there is a different reason.

Depression. Ugh I hate depression. Ew. Make it go away! A few years ago I was diagnosed with depression and it comes and goes, and for whatever reason it is back. As far as I am aware there is no obvious reason, it just turned up again like a sudden raindrop that hits you in the face on a sunny day. Startled, you start looking around and are like woah, wait what? Excuse me world, I am enjoying my nice sunny day over here and then bam. Rain has to come in and shatter my happy afternoon.

But it’s true! And sometimes depression just makes it really hard to start something. As my mom likes to say, “My get-up-and-go has got up and left.” If you are like me and are in the midst of starting something, just know I am cheering for you! Or if you are like me for the last three months trying to even start starting something, just know I totally understand. Or maybe you are me in the future when this post is done, and if that’s the case then let’s just give ourselves a pat on the back because we did it! Suck it depression! Or procrastination! Or serious Netflix binge-watching, or whatever has kept us from being productive!

But in all seriousness, I will discuss my depression more later. For now I just want to say welcome. I’m not sure why you are here, but I am so glad that you are.


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